Magic Mill DLX Mixer (Electrolux stand mixers)


The Magic Mill DLX stand mixer, also known as the Electrolux Assistant, has a unique way of making great dough and is the most durable mixer on the market with plenty of power. With its unique roller and scraper design, the Magic Mill DLX mixer kneads bread dough without tearing it like a dough hook does, which almost all other mixers use. The Magic Mill DLX's roller and scraper mimics the hand kneading process giving you great dough everytime. The Magic Mill mixer has a direct drive motor and all the working parts are stainless steel, not plastic motor or transmission parts to break. The Magic Mill mixers motor and transmission design allow it to have lots of power without straining the motor, allowing it outperform mixers with twice the WATT rating. From 8-10 loaves of bread to simple kitchen mixing tasks, this mixer does them all with great performance and last for years to come.